Editing steps in TR mode

This is a feature I really love and find very useful and intuitive on some other machines:

Please add a feature that lets you hold down a step (multiple steps would be ideal) in TR-mode and you can adjust the parameters with the faders and knobs and the changes are saved when you release the step button? So you can edit steps easily while playing around with the TR mode without having to scroll on the screen and click through the tracks.

If the steps already have different parameters your changes while holding the step button either changes each steps parameters relatively or just set all the steps your holding down to the current value of parameter your changing. Maybe make that an option in setting or something. But honestly, just changing the steps to the same setting would be more than enough for me.

Would also absolutely love if a knob or fader or even the < > buttons lets you micro shift the timing of the steps while being pressed. Makes it super easy to open up say your kick track and go in and fix that one kick that you want to hit a little later or what ever. Or to simply just create your own swing/groove for some elements.

Then you could really quickly just hold down every other hi-hat step for example and lower the volume to create some dynamics and groove. Would be so cool to be able to do that with pitch, filter and envelope to.

For some inspiration you can take a look at how this feature work on the elektron devices or ableton push 2 controller for example.

Thank you guys for all the hard work!


Yes to parameter locks

It’s basically there already, this would just be a more efficient way to edit the steps and do quick edits and experimentation.