Have multi modes work in TR mode

As of now you can’t use multi modes with TR mode in step program. It would be great if that could be fixed.

When you’re in regular step program mode (TR not activated) the multi modes works nicely. For example you can have pitch multi mode activated and what ever pad (pitch) you hit is the one inserted to the cursor position.

Would be great if you could have it work the same way in TR mode, so you could have your 8 multi mode levels/pitches/env/slices on the pads and the last one pressed is the one you insert to the TR step you’re pressing.


Yup - that’d be nice

as we know, the kordbot gonna get most of the love for a while - that is plenty fair but i do hope TR gets some love down the rd

and stop the auto zoom while you’re at it :wink:

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Yes the auto zoom in step program is very urgent!!


Just wanted to give this a bump. I mostly dwell in the multi slice mode and this would be extremely valuable



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Yes, I would also like that very much. Please implement this with the next update.


Another bump here.

The TR mode is what pushed me over the edge to purchase this unit. Would love to see this implemented.

I can imagine implementation could be simply done; just touch the pad you want from multimode and then turn on the step in the sequencer.


This will be in the next update.


so excited for this update, thank you mickey :slight_smile:

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Reviving this topic, @Mickey is this still in the works? would love if you could make this dream come true, praying to the sequencer gods :grimacing:

I’m pretty sure this is how it works now?

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the answer was right in front of me-- crazy, can’t believe I missed it. :sweat_smile: thanks a lot for being decent and giving me a reply back brother. and @Mickey sorry for being crazy and tagging you left and right on this

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