TR mode + multimode

Hey it’s that guy again with all of his requests… man he’s too much

This might be a big ask, but it would be nice if the TR mode could tie in directly with multi-mode per track.

    ex: (Multi-mode + Loop slice), if you select the first step in TR mode, it plays the first slice, if you select the next step, it plays the second slice.

Not sure if this would even be possible in the future, because the multi-mode engine seems to be tied to the number 8, but if you could get 16 slices assigned in TR mode– that would be wild.

The TR-mode works great, but what I’m getting right now is a note repeat on each slice with multi-mode engaged unless I manually change the slice point in the step params screen.

@Mickey I know you’ve done the work on the step-sequencer side along the UI, could this be a possibility in a future fw?

Tagging this post below from @Melkerpetterson because I think it is a similar request, but not sure: