TR-Mode Change page


Sorry I’m missing something obvious here, but I’ve got a question about TR mode.

Right now, when I enter TR mode I can add steps for the first 16 steps of a beat. Is there a way to
“change the page” and enter more than 16 steps at a time?

Hope this makes sense!

You have to make your pattern longer .

Is the pattern only one bar?

If not you can scroll to the next bar on screen and the mute/soko buttons will show that bar.

Great, thank you.

Next question is: is there a way to set it so that the TR step sequencer lights “follow” the pattern and change pages as it plays instead of having to scroll?


I’m not sure but try the record button when in step program/TR mode. That gets the cursor on screen to scroll with playback so maybe it will also change TR pages, but I have not tried for myself.