TR mode fine editing

Hey fam,

I recorded some hats into a sequence with quantize set to fine as it was giving me a much more natural feel. Now Id like to delete a few hats that are slightly in the wrong spot. went into TR mode and anything that landed directly on a quantized grid is selectable and I can easily go in and delete. However notes that were recorded with fine don’t always land spot on with the quantize grid and I’m not sure how to select those hats for editing since the cursor skips right past them. Any one already figure this out?

Use the zoom function when in step program mode (which TR mode is an extension of). F1 & F3. The zoom is also a note quantize and you will see notes twinkling like stars as they become accessible to the current zoom setting.

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You have to zoom in all the way to be able to select the off grid notes. It can be a hassle.

I wish TR mode would show the ”fine” notes on the next/previous 16th step depending on what’s closest.

Also an option for step edit to scroll by next note regardless of zoom/quantize level.

There are some feature requests for this!


I find that holding shift and selecting an area just before and after the note(s) is a quick method. This doesn’t require you to zoom but it may be tricky isolating a specific note if it is densely surrounded by other notes you wish not to affect.

Also keep in mind that TR mode (using the mute and solo to add/delete notes) only works with sixteenth notes.

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Yeah that’s the problem! Most other sequencers with micro timing usually show the trig on the closest 16th note. You can only use the TR mode on the S2400 if you don’t record anything finer than 16th notes. Even if you select a TR step and nudge the note just a little, it doesn’t show in the TR steps any more which is a bummer.

Selecting a range is not really a solution in my world, a lot of times a there more than 1 trig at a time, and it doesn’t make the TR mode more usable…

If you have a note selected you can press one of the F-keys to go to the next note. But you loose track of which note is selected very guickly, especially when editing 16th note stuff.

I would like an option to scroll to next note with the encoder when looking at the main step edit screen so you know where in the sequence you are editing. And you don’t have to zoom in all the way just to select a note that was recorded with fine quantize.


+1 to this and +1 to the OP. I have a very hard time using the step sequencer because most of my drum tracks are off the grid.

I could choose to use air in front of my kicks, hats, etc.— or some other workaround, but it would be nice to have a “next note” function via the encode— to include notes on and off grid

not to derail this post by any mean, but it would be also nice to have a better way to erase notes via the step sequencer, a way that doesn’t require holding shift+erase for each note… having to do that for multiple notes/samples is a setback

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Same here, almost always have the machine set to fine so the step sequencer is unusable a lot of times.

I very much agree, we really need a quicker way than erease+pad!

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I haven’t been in the studio for days but I remember zooming in all the way and still not seeing my off grid notes as selectable. I’ll have to give it another shot when I get back at it.

I’ll have to give the shift method a try. Thanks for mentioning that.

Yes, erasing was the primary reason behind my wanting to find and select these off grid notes in the first place. Seems a more intuitive method would be a huge help.

I just tested this (I’ve had my machine 4 days but have put many hours in in those 4 days!)

I recorded with Q set to fine
Enter step program mode
Get the cursor in the ball park of the note/s you want to edit
Start zooming in w F3
At a certain point ‘fine’ appears in the top right of the screen
You can then position the cursor directly on any note

And……hold erase and hit the pad to erase that one event, or press F4 hold it and hit the pad to select only that event and then nudge the event using the transport <<< or >>> buttons for micro timing shifts. Nice!!!

Another test just done -

Entered step program mode
Zoomed all the way in
Made sure rec/edit was lit
Position the cursor randomly
Hit a pad (in this case a hi hat)
Shift the cursor one tick onwards and hit the pad again……did that 20 times

And……perfect metallic buzz roll

Plenty of other mayhem inducing possibilities with this stuff! Or maybe just some very delicate almost quantum level adjustments :grinning:

Nice :+1: you just discovered a new effect. Sounds like early 90s internet dial up tones.

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I had that in the bag for yonks……trying to emulate Aphex and Squarepusher b4 I realised they were doing a bunch of that stuff at the sample level with loops.

Nice to know this level of note editing is possible on the S2400 though isn’t it

Try entering pitch, level et al at the same time as the notes :alien:

Yes that’s how it works and is supposed to work. But no steps that land of the 1/16th notes grid is showing on the steps in TR mode.

Ok. But to my mind the fine grid editing is done visually after hitting the ‘step program’ button regardless of the method that note information has been input with.

So it begs the question ‘why stay stuck with the restrictions of editing in tr mode when you can easily jump to the screen that displays info in the same way but with maximum editing resolution?’

I edit in both modes when I have to but to me it’s quicker and more fun to do it on the TR-steps for certain things.

Using the TR mode to come up with different rythms and hit shift+step for individual step tweaks is much more fun and creative than scrolling around on the screen to me :slight_smile:

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I’m going to try some tr mode next and see if I can replicate the ‘freedom’ that you and others find there😀

But step program mode seems to me to be super flexible and for shifting events around with play active one couldn’t ask for more! Way more creative than just applying swing globally

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Thanks for sharing what you found via your tests–but it would be nice to work with step-edit in a way that wouldn’t require zooming in and out every time to be able to catch those trigs that are off-grid

I like the original view but it would be nice to have a track focus (in addition) that is similar to TR mode (ex: focus on a1 where you could latch to the next note via the encoder or some combination with the <<<, >>> buttons