Step seq: why does it do this?


so i have 6 hits on one step in a pattern, why if i enter step program mode and click on the step with the main encoder does it only show 3 of the samples?

you get that little box with sample name and pad number and you click it and can edit things like volume, pitch etc.

is this a bug or am i just being a right blind noob?


What is quantize set to? If it’s high or off check to see that they aren’t slightly off the step by a little bit. F1 and F3 will zoom in/out on the sequence, when it’s zoomed on 1/16ths they will look like they’re on the same step but may be off by 1/256th for example. That’s my first thought anyway I get it all the time.

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ok muppet mode off , will leave here for future reference and anyone who encounters this

F2 - turns TR on and off when in seq: page - if lit we cannot hack into the steps…seems to have resolved it

doh :joy:

nope. don’t think that is it - just waffling to myself now - officially scratchin my head, will update this when i know what ive done

ok must have been resolution…confused why things would be off grid when i am recording in 1/16 and all tracks are 1/16 quantize…surely they should be smack on grid, is there a record in quantize that ignores track settings?