Sample gets cut off when sequencing

So I’ve got a track that has a kick with a long decay. For some reason when in song mode while it’s playing back the sequence, the kick only decays for a second or so then cuts off abruptly. But when not in song mode I hit the pad and it decays long as intended.

I’ve double checked it’s not being choked by another pad(it’s channel and alt channel or both the channel of the pad and no other pad in the sequence has its channel either). I’ve tried it both with gated on and off thinking that might have something to do with it but it doesn’t make any difference.

Any one got any idea how to fix?

the key here is ‘when i hit the pad’ - i assume the engine is stopped when you do this?

when you strike a pad you are hearing the current settings

when playback is active you are hearing the settings that were recorded unless over ride is active

my question: if you start a fresh new pattern and record a hit does all the kick play back? if so you recorded a shorter env setting in the pattern that feeds the song.

Ahh ok this makes perfect sense. I swapped kicks after the sequence was already programmed so it was retaining envelope settings of the other sample.

Thank you!

hehe brilliant that it was an easy fix - happy days