Update bug

I was super excited, but the update drove the S2400 completely crazy, randomly my pads don’t play my samples, sometimes the machine freezes, there is like a latency when I go into loop slice, horrible .
Well it’s cool I was able to test the undo / redo, as well as the sampling in usb, but the usb connection is not reliable, the signal spits out a little (for the time being, my computer may be the problem)
I pray hard that the problems will solve, thank you.

Doesn’t sound right. Worth trying other USB cables, and if you’re using a hub bypass it and go straight to the machine. Do you get the pad/freezing problems with brand projects (and without using USB)?

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My computer is old it is surely the problem for the usb sampling, I would test another cable if I find one.
Freeze / pad do not occur with old projects, only in new projects. It also freeze in multi slice mode, and shift + pad works every third time (random).

For the moment the freeze pad bugs have occurred with samples imported from the sd.

When you say freezes, can you describe exactly what’s happening? Does the whole unit lock up? Do you have to restart? Or something else?

It might be worth trying a different SD card too. Samples over a certain size are streamed from the card, so if the card is failing in any way, that could affect playback.

Just updated to latest firmware as well and having issues with pad response. Tried messing with the threshold but it does not seem to resolve the issue. Pads are not triggering samples consistently. These are very short drum samples that are in my autoload i’ve been using for months with no problem. Definitely an issue. Went back to the previous firmware and all is well.


Just trying the new update right now. I’ve noticed that the pad response is not improved on my unit as well. About the undo shortcut, being able to do it with the right hand only rather than two hands would improve the workflow imo. Just a quick thought. Happy that the function is finally here. Congratulations for the months of efforts. Back to making beats now :slight_smile:


Ok OK i’m sorry !! No problème with pads finaly, its the threshold settings !!
Thanks a lot. :grin:

project with new sample work, but with sample from sd bug.

What was the pad threshold settings at before changing to solve the problem?

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^also having the intermittent pad sensitivity issue.

Have lowered the threshold a bit, but haven’t noted any improvement.

**also still getting random ghost notes while the unit is sleeping.

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How do you check whether the sample was loaded into ram or being streamed from the SD?

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