S2400 pads not groovin

Hi all… Hope you’re having successes with your sampler…

The main reason I chose this sampler over others is the aesthetic… The faders and the pads

The pads don’t groove… Theyre hard… Inaccurate and often completely unresponsive… Which is a Massive disappointment given it cost 1700 bucks… I can put up with flaws and glitches while waiting for bug fixes… But pad function. . Fuck no. A sampler like this without decent pad performance is a big beautiful hunk of shit… Period

Anyone having similar issues? I’ve tried all the pad threshold settings

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no problems over here!

SP1200 buttons are even harder. Also not velocity sensitive? (I’ve never owned one)

They’re my favorite pads, actually

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The only pads I like more than the S2400 is the DSI Tempest.

They seem fine to me. They’re not rubber smushers like some other machines but I haven’t had any issues that you’re describing. Maybe your settings are wrong (too much fussing not enough playing)? Samples trimmed poorly? Maybe you’re expecting an elektron experience, which this machine is almost the opposite of (unless all user requests get filled)?

Thanks for all the feedback on this… Im glad to hear others are having a better time on the pads.
I’ve the pad settings worked out but still find questionable behavior from the pads.

They sometimes just do not respond at all…
The journey continues

Have a great weekend!

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Do you have the waveform view open when this happens?

Are you on the latest firmware? One of the firmware versions from last year caused that exact issue on some units, including mine, but for me/us it was fixed in the next update.


is dynamic on? shift+pad

since about 6 FW updates ago if not more they have been plenty decent, no complaints here at least and i am used to maschine pads which are pretty much defakto imo

Thanks… Yes I’m on the latest firmware, I’ve gotten it feeling as good as I can… Which has improved, but still glitches.

I hope the next update will smoothen things out…


No problems at all with my pads…