Samples disappearing

Buggy issue with samples just disappearing randomly. Hard to replicate as turning the machine off/on fixes it. Its definitely not a choke group issue as the pad is empty - no sound. These could be resampled sounds or sounds straight off the SD library.

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Happening to me too have drums loaded up and the snare or kick pad randomly clears and I have to reload the sound

yes this has happened a number of times to me as well. I just got mine yesterday and havent downloaded the lastet update yet. I dont know how actually. lol I guess that will tomorrows project.

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2 days here lol I updated it and it didn’t fix it. It’s extremely easy you just format your SD card in the 2400, plug it into the computer, drag the new firmware file which you can find on here, and when you plug the card back into the 2400 and power on it will pop up it found update and you hit ok, I like that the firmware is always being updated and new features added but there’s also the large amount of bugs which is kinda annoying. Atleast with older machines while they don’t have updates, what they do have works lol. How am I supposed to make anything when my pads keep clearing themselves. Obv I can just reload the pad with no issue but it’s the principle lol. Other than that I am liking it so far I need more time on it so far I’ve just been focusing on messing with the drums, groove swing and all that. Ironically that’s in part because I can’t get the sampling in to work… lmao

Actually it’s easier than that leave the card in the S2400 and go to Shift > File > USB MSC mode and select it. Your S2400 will show up on your computer desktop as an external HD.

As for the sampling in how are you routing? Phono? Line in? USB? Go to Input Monitor and make sure you’ve selected the method you want to use and monitor in as well so you can hear it. Turn the trim pot on the back of the unit all the way up (this isn’t used on on the USB sampling just the phono and Line in). You should be set to go when you go to shift + sample and from there you can select 48 or 24 and what level 1x 10x or 100x for the type of input level (line level or instrument etc) and then set the threshold low enough for it to start capturing it. Also watch

So are samples disappearing a recognised issue with the devs? Or is it considered an SD card issue?

It is not a know issue. We have never seen it happen. We really need steps to reproduce the issue in order to fix it.

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I had this happen a couple times (a few pads not outputting sounds, no sound at all, etc.).

I really thought it was something more complex or a bug (it’s the way some of us think)… then I figured out it was simply the filter-cut-off knobs, lol.

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Same here, happens more often than it should having been using the 2400 for 8 months lol. I still panic every time then I remember like “oh you idiot”

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There was an issue with resampling that could create a ghost sample in a previous firmware version. I haven’t seen this problem with the latest version until now.

Otherwise, as mentioned above and as a reminder to new users, be careful when switching from mixer mode to loop/slice mode. Moving faders and knobs can change start point, end point and pitch settings. This is why I use fader lock at start-up and unlock only when necessary.

I think these two things are different :slight_smile: