How to make melodic (long) samples cut off each other

If I use two melodic samples in different patterns, the tail of the sample bleeds into the beginning of the next pattern. My “workaround” has been to use (gate) when recording, but having to press the pad until the end sometimes takes away from creativity when laying down chops.

I know I’m probably missing a track/pad setting to just set those long samples to just cut off each other OR not bleed onto the next pattern.

(without having to trim the sample every time)

If you don’t need them to play at the same time, setting the same output number for the corresponding tracks will make them cut each other.

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Thank you sir. Will try that asap. :pray:

PS: Will that affect channel settings when tracking the 8 outs via usb?

It will if you reassign tracks but you can use any of the other banks to achieve this effect as well for example let’s say you want the track on A1 to be choked. You can choke it with B1, C1, or D1 without reassigning assuming all your channels are set up as A1 = Ch1, A2 = Ch2 etc. You could even set that sample you use to choke with no volume so it’s not heard in the context of your song. Just play around with the choking feature it can a be a really creative tool.

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Will do. I appreciate the feedback.