Sample Playback Problem [IN PROGRESS]

I’m having an issue when I chop a sample. When I record and then playback the sequence, randomly some of the shops are delayed as in they don’t start when they are supposed to, by what I’m guessing is a 32nd delay. If I solo the track and play the recorded sequence, it is on time with the quantization, as I add other tracks that is when the issue happens. It doesn’t always happen on the first or second or third instance, it seems random. This isn’t a Choke group issue as I don’t have any of the tracks assigned to a choke group and all the tracks are assigned to separate outputs. Did not have any experience with this prior to the most recent update. Anyone else having a similar issue?

Linking the zip file. The chopped break in bank C was the most recent offender - Google DriveProject Zip Link

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I have noticed similar the other day. I multitracked about 64 bars or so into the PC and some of the drum hits seemed shifted by as you say, probably like a 64th/32nd… I believe it was the first beat of each bar iirc. This was using a multi-sliced break. Edits weren’t very complex, and the patterns only had like 4-5 channels on the go. I couldn’t figure out if maybe I’d accidentally knocked something out of line somehow, but I’m not sure how, since I’d have to actually commit the changes to the pattern then.

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This project was not saved using the latest OS. Are you sure you are on the latest?

I tried the project on my machine and I could not hear what you are describing. Only the occasional snares on B1 are a little late, but that’s what you intended.

You have 2 files playing that are > 2MB and therefor are streamed from SD instead of RAM. Also a couple of the samples are 44.1kHz and therefor have to be converted on the fly (to 48kHz). That’s asking quite something, in addition to the 12+ simultaneous voices (I think most samples where stereo, but I’m not sure)…

Maybe getting a faster SD will help, but why not cut the larger 2 samples 100k shorter and they will stream from RAM.

After doing some tests myself, I think you are on something… so forget about my previous comment.

My test: I took a long drumloop (but smaller than 2MB) and duplicated the track and the sequence. Each track I gave a different bandpass filter. One low (+/- 100Hz) and the other low mid (about 800 Hz). When playing this sequence, the sound of the snares changes significantly, like a lot more resonance, but the filter setting are without it. The bass sounds different too, but it is a bit more subtle. The changes happen at random intervals, but the sound changes are binary, meaning switching between 2 exact settings. My guess is that the triggers are not fired exactly and the difference is small enough to not make the drums flam (128th or smaller?)

Here an example of the slight ‘drift’ I was talking about. Notice how the attack of the bassdrums changes between two styles.

Of course you have to load the project, the wavs are not the examples themselves. (7.2 KB)
ProjectTST02.KIT (4.4 KB)
ProjectTST02.S24 (14.6 KB)


@kiddles @Labemcee
I noticed the problem you described today. My observation of a microshift is definitely a different issue.

I was editing in the step program’s list editor when I noticed the snares were shifted an 8th, the same as the quantize in the step program.

If even had the situation where it went from an 8th behind to a 4th behind, back to an 8th behind, back to normal… all with 2 measures.

Were you in the step editor too when it happened?