Playback glitch

For several days now, since I installed the latest firmware update, I have been experiencing a frequent issue during playback. Whilst playing either in pattern or song mode, the timing seems to go all over the place. I don’t think it’s a quantise bug as the only tracks that are affected are drums which contain multi slices. I think it could be that the start points of the slices are shifting. It seems to happen entirely at random, always while playing back a pattern or song. It is never permanent. If I restart the playback, it resets itself but not always on the first or second time.

I have made a couple of videos as an example but when I try to upload them I get a message saying they are too large.

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Can you put the video in drop box or google drive an post the link here?

Also would be helpful if you zip your project and post a link to that. If you don’t want to make it public, you can direct message me the link through the forum.

I have made a post in the Facebook group where I was able to upload the videos but yeh I can stick them in the Dropbox and post a link.

Thanks Mickey

I see the vids on FB. No need to re-upload.
But, would like your project.

Ok. I’ll get on that.

I get delays/skipped events upon playback as well. They’re not as frequent as yours seem to be, but it happens.

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I thought mine was playing patterns out of sync like a timing shift 1/8 note hi hats sounded wrong, I couldn’t figure it out, hasn’t happened since.
Whilst jamming and adjusting filters I’ve noticed a few times it will cut certain sounds out, not the filter cutting out, certain notes of certain sounds not related to the filter been adjusted, only happens for very brief moment every now and then