Pattern getting wiped out after overdubbing sounds on B7

I was messing around a bit last night and noticed something that I think is bug. Recently acquired Unit #0063 from its original buyer and don’t think that it was sent back to HQ for any prior sync/reboot fixes. I installed the upgrade on it and hadn’t created anything on this unit prior to that, as it arrived the day before. I’ve also replicated this bug multiple times, in different scenarios: I’ve used different samples, I’ve cleared everything, loaded old projects, rebuilt ideas and rebooted the unit. It happens every time and has become a headache when it comes to building ideas. If anyone from the team would like to see a project demonstrating this, I’ll send it over your way directly, if that’s okay. I also am including a link to a video of the issue that I recorded on my phone.

Essentially, I sampled a roughly 11 second bit of a record, assigned it to pad A1/Channel 1 and then chopped the sample in ‘Loop/Slice’ + ‘Multi Mode’. After making the chops, I recorded them in a pattern. I then went to Bank B (where I normally lay out my drums) and assigned drum samples to each pad. When it comes time to record the drum on pad B7 (I’ve ensured it was always on its own, isolated channel) it cuts everything off and when the pattern loops around, all of the notes in the pattern sound out on count 1 of bar 1. I usually have a kick on pad 6 and a snare on pad 8, but, again, they are assigned to their own channels.

Oddly, this doesn’t happen if the sample on A1 has NOT been sliced in ‘Multi Mode’.

Please zip up the project and post a link to it here. Thanks.

Gladly! Here you go:

Also, not certain if it’s going to ask you to request access or not, but if it does, I hope that you don’t mind my preferring to not give everyone access.

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It did, and I did.

Fixed in dev. Thanks for the example!
It only happens when a non-gated pattern event with no parameter changes is inserted before an event on track B6. Programming can be weird like that.


Thanks Mickey! This is honestly one of the best parts of owning this machine……beyond it being a joy to work with. Being able to communicate with developers about what we are seeing, real time, is priceless. You’re the best.


Wow, I came across this bug yesterday, playing around with old projects after updating to the 20211001 firmware. Kinda ruined yesterdays evening I have to admit … trying to find out for hours if it’s only me being stupid or a bug :)…
Thanks for saving my Sunday!!!

greetings from cologne, Germany

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This appears to be fixed in the latest firmware update , 20211009