Bad live recording bug - not sampling

attached is link to the beast system google drive, viewable by all

record patt:
record note repeats
patt swing at 56% on 8ths on video but does not matter, same result happens regardless as i just checked after doing video
then pitch down file and record live hits

sends machine wonky, goes to pre-record count in mode where only metronome is heard for count in period

i can repeat as many times as i like


so many views, nobody can replicate?

is this my error ?

Are you using gated notes? cant get yer video to play.

Yep, not sure what’s happening but I can duplicate this one.

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Okay, I managed to reproduce with a simple set of steps:

Firmware 2021-08-12

  • power on
  • assign a sample to pad 1
  • record a hit on beats 1, 2, 3 & 4 (don’t stop recording)
  • change the pitch by any amount
  • keep recording hits with the click

Before too long, the samples stop triggering and the metronome only (if it’s on) plays until the end of the pattern. Sample playback starts up again when the pattern returns to beat 1 as per @j.m’s video.

I didn’t try many settings but it reproduced with 8th note and 16th note swing at 50% as well as the 56% 8th notes in @j.m’s video.

Metronome on/off doesn’t seem to make a difference. Ditto samples from SD vs internal.

@StupidAmericanPig - notes are not gated.


That behavior sounds pretty similar to a bug that @Mickey fixed with gated notes. I will try to repro today on the latest beta.

hi guys

not gated notes no @StupidAmericanPig :frowning:

cheers for looking and thanks both for testing it


swing matters not btw - done on clean pattern over and over again

get any further with this one mucker?

it is there, repeatedly - so is it confirmed as being fixed?

Not sure where everyone is based but just an FYI today (Monday) is an American holiday and a lot of people take either last week or this week off as the last vacation of summer.

(Might explain slow responses might not)

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England here

thx for the info btw - to anyone reading especially sap, i wasn’t being impatient, i just want to know it is being looked at


That wasn’t for you

I saw remarks on Instagram and I think Gearsoace too. Just realized it’s a good thing to point out bc people are here from all over the world.

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especially me huh :rofl:

I will try on the latest beta now…

@j.m the good and bad news is that I cant reproduce yer issue. I recorded 16th hi hats with note repeat. Stopped playback and pitched it down 5 semitones. Went into live record and recorded upbeat 8ths against that pattern. No problems.


ok so you are using the latest beta?

so it is gone in that then, sweet