Pattern playback bug/issue - recording gated samples makes them get cut/shortened

Hi All

Since the last update im having an issue which is random but consistent. I play a one bar sample twice over a two bar recorded section. Whislt listening back to what has been recorded with record still armed it plays back fine. Once stop is pressed then play the loop plays but it cuts short the bar loop that’s been played, it always cuts the end off either on the first bar of playback or second.

The pad has gate mode selected

You then have to erase then keep re recording until it sticks. Have had to reboot the unit also to prevent this happening. it didn’t happen in the previous firmware.

video here (wetransfer)

Hi Devon

yea this happens every time for me, i am avoiding gated right now because i am sure i have seen something somewhere that gated files were known to be bad and fixed in dev: so could be expected soon

btw i have changed the end of your title to included gated playback hope you don’t mind

This but is fixed in dev. Update soon.


that’s good news - thought I was going mad for a minute there. look forward to it


Hi, when can we expect this update to come out ??