Sample cut during play

Possible bug.
I have a sample (beat) cut in loop multi mode. Cut 1 is the whole sample. I want to beat match to find the bpm so I start (empty) with metronome on.
But the cut 1 now only plays (when I press the pad) a short section, like maybe one bar.

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Need some more information if possible. Is there anything in the pattern already? Any other samples assigned to that Channel? Is the sample in Gated mode? Any envelopes applied? Are you triggering the Pad physically or from a pattern?

If a Pad is not set to Gated mode, the envelopes are default and there is no other samples on the same channel to choke it, a Slice should play from start to end.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try to recreate it tomorrow.

I can’t get it to happen again, I forgot which sample I used but I tried long and short samples etc.
Next time I’ll record it and take more notes :+1:t2:

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I posted a video on Facebook, I’m not sure how to put video on here.

I’ve replied on FB :+1:

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It was pad threshold way too low. It’s at 30 now.


So this worked for the issue you were experiencing? I have noticed it from time to time as well.

Yeah def.

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I’ve noticed the same thing kind of. I have “Bank A” for my drums and I have sampled dialogue on “Bank B.” When I play back my drum pattern, it cuts off the dialogue when I try to record it in. Even when the sample is not gated.

Are the sounds on the same channel?

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