Gated Samples Unusable

EDIT: This is caused by holding the last gated pad of your pattern too long (until the pattern repeats). Still seems like a UX issue since I would have to have robotically good timing to lift my finger at the exact millisecond the pattern ends.

I have firmware from October 2023 and this 3 year old bug is back with a vengeance:

Second gated slice in a sequence gets disappeared solely by hitting “Record”, making gated samples unusably broken. Can I downgrade my firmware to fix this?

Bugfix thread (from October 2021):

My open ticket: RWB-MJVRT-251

UPDATE: I reinstalled the firmware but no luck. The bug was reintroduced sometime between:

2021-10 → 2023-10

I have replicated this several times now. It is not an issue with manually editing anything. I did all of these patterns in a single go. The steps to replicate are:

EDIT: This only occurs when you hold a pad down THROUGH THE COMPLETION of the pattern during recording.

  1. Make a pattern using a gated multimode sliced sample in one go (in mutlimode slice mode) by playing them seamlessly together (let go of one pad, hit the next). Edit: hold the last pad of the pattern until after the pattern finishes (this would be an easy mistake for any user to make since you would have to lift it off within milliseconds of the pattern ending to avoid this bug)
  2. Once that pattern is done, play it and hear that it sounds fine.
  3. Look at it in “Step Editor” and see all is fine.
  4. Leave step editor
  5. Hit “run/stop” + “record” and you will notice it has been changed. You will see the second slice (it is always the 2nd one) disappears.

Oh my god I think this explains my issue here:

As a new user who really wants to adopt the s2400 as my main mode of sampling this is absolutely a game breaking bug. I ran into it immediately and it took songs I had worked hours on and screwed them up to the point I didn’t even know what was happening.

I prefer gated samples and holding them down because it allows me to control when longer samples cut off in the most intuitive way to me.

Devs, please please please.

Thank you OP for pinpointing this because it was driving me insane and breaking my heart.