Long samples drop out [SOLVED]

I seem to be experiencing major limitations with my machine. I’ve been trying to record fairly long samples (about 2 minutes long) into a pattern but the sound cuts off during playback.
thinking i might have pushed the RAM too hard, I decided to try an experiment, whereby I loaded a new project with just the one sample, I set the pattern length to 99, hit record and played the sample in both gated and non-gated mode. when I played back the pattern my sample drops out after about a minute. the sample is mono and was recorded into the Isla at 48k… I tried using another SD card, but the same issue. please tell me there is a fix?

In the sample project you sent me, the sound was gated, so it stops at the gate length.
I turned gated off, created another 98 bar pattern, and triggered the sound at the beginning. When I play the pattern, the whole 3+ minute sound plays all the way through.

thanks for taking the time to look. I tried it both ways gated and non gated, pattern length was set to 99 though. although that file I sent was in gated mode, I had recorded it in right to the very end while holding the pad down, so shouldn’t it still play all the way through?
I will try again, will try setting the pattern to 98 to see if the bug lies within the pattern length? I’m about to reinstall the firmware as well

Double check the project you sent me. Pattern 1 is 98 bars, not 99. But, that has nothing to do with it.

strange, as when I;ve been changing the pattern length I’ve been doing it to the max setting which says 99. it’s reinstalling the firmware atm, will try again after.

thinking about it, setting the pattern length to 99 is a 98 bar ptn?

ok, it works now in non gate mode. I definitely tried it both ways before, so I’m not sure why it’s working now, the only difference was I changed the gate to be off then recorded it in again, rather than just changing the setting, so perhaps that had an effect? I also reinstalled the latest firmware.
However I still don’t understand why gate mode is not working as the sample should record for a long as the pad is held down? it’s definitely not working for me using it this way.