IS this a Slice bug ? , adjusting end point of slice zooms in 100%


in multi slice mode

made slices, tap the pad repeatedly while adjusting end point of the slice - machine keeps zooming in 100% if end point brought close to start point by putting fader near bottom of range

repeated time and time again -


Do you have lock extent on? (F2 illuminated)

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no mate, should it be on?

If it is on, then the screen always zooms to show the start and end points as you move them.
Which is the behavior I thought you were describing.

nope it is off,

if i bring fader8 to the bottom then the screen zooms in 100%: do you need video?

separate issue: remember i had envelopes auto adjusting on video previously? some of these are now getting insane. 1 example being HOLD got removed on more than one occasion and i cannot hear the file until i press A and physically correct the envelopes. … Will keep watching because this is a tad worrying if it is only me.

thanks by the way pal - i wondered if i had activated something but by the sounds of it no, can you replicate?

further to this if you just touch the fader as slow as possible to zero it does not happen, if you click the fader into position as you would with any fader then it is there every time

Usually, I prefer a text description of the issue, but in this case, I think I need to see it.

here you go bud, as i say in the video this could be me although I cannot see how as the behaviour changes to suit itself depending on fader speed but i am open to be told, i would prefer it to be me if i am honest

i would like to know if you can replicate, if is somehow expected, if there is something i am doing stupid (entirely possible)

the issue shows itself in the 1st minute, there is a bit of waffle in the video as i try to understand it but if you watch all the way through you will see the behaviour change, that inconsistency is not right regardless of my behaviour

i am having issues with automatic faders as you have witnessed in video, it happens again in this video and i point it out as it happens, i also explain what it did to me several times when it completely destroyed my envelopes shapes, i wonder if there is something odd going on with this particular unit

sampling keeps telling me it is clipped when it is recorded in at 2-3 green lights only (the meter on LED), the file is then showing after recording it is at -13dB on x1 which is nowhere near clipped as we know, i can then normalise the file to 0.0 and there is no clipping visually nor aurally, the file does not reach the limits nor is it distorted. Separate issue but again, very odd behaviour - had samplers for 30 years and never encountered this.


That’s a bug all right. Thanks for your patience explaining it to me.
Fixed in dev. Will be in the next bugfix update.

Note that it will not happen if faders 6 and 7 are all the way up.


ok brill thx mickey. i was just typing is it something to do with the 7 fader, so is it perhaps when the end points of the fader are crossing? that is the only explanation my mind can find at least - unsure why a fast fader would act diff to slow though…

A slow fader will cause the same issue if fader 6 and/or 7 are not all the way up.

ok fella - thanks for your time again buddy

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I’ve also encountered the sample clipped text with only a few green lights at recording. Difficult to capture in a video as it doesn’t happen all the time and by the time it reads clipped the lights are obviously gone.

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