Multi mode slice Issues

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When I adjust the start and end points in the wave editor for a sample and then exit to start working on a pattern I’m encountering issues. I’ll hit the pads that I just adjusted in the wave editor and the samples will play, but as I keep pressing them to create a melody, the start points suddenly change on several of them and they’re not where I adjusted them to. This has been very frustrating as it stops my creativity in it’s tracks.

Also, there are times when I get no playback sound in the wave editor when adjusting the start and end points, but back out of the wave editor and the sound plays.

Am I doing something wrong or are these known issues?


Hi , these are known bugs and apparently are dealt with in next firmware update, there are a couple of workarounds for multi slice mode,which are mentioned in previous posts

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Thank you. I appreciate the response.

No problem,look forward to next firmware update

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I’ve had the start point issue happen as well (really frustrating). Flux suggested that the problem is that the faders are not in “lock mode”, and what’s happening is the start point is getting changed because the fader has been nudged by accident while you were working on a different pad… but I don’t think that was the problem. I’ve just been too busy since last weekend to try Flux’s method and see if that’s what was actually going on.

I actually thought that was my issue at first, but I hadn’t touched the faders and it was still happening. I’ll press the first pad a few times, then start pressing some of the other pads to find a good melody and when I go back to pads I previously pressed, some of them are at the wrong start point. Hopefully the update comes soon because it happens so often, I stopped using the machine for now.

Ive had fader locked and still had changes happen to the start point as well…although…it might have been the weed :thinking: