Multi-mode fader points jumping

Experiencing sporadic jumping of my fader positions.

For example - In multi-mode, after adjusting slice points I will exit the visual editing screen and sporadically my slice points change. I don’t think it was doing the before the July or Aug updates. I know there is lock position/parameter function, but others may have input/experience with this (or maybe there is a known firmware sensitivity issue).

I have owned enough gear with ghost-editing issues that this strikes me as worrisome.

I also have this issue

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Same issue over here.
In multimode slice start/end points jump around.
This happens with samples from the sd card as well with externally recorded samples.
I hope this will be fixed soon as slicing samples is a huge part of my workflow.

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have shown videos of my envelopes going mental for no reason on main screen

as yet no fix - let’s hope

i have had envelopes shut off sound completely by removing all hold and sustain, add attack phases at will etc - caught on vid and shared here

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This is basic functionality and should be fixed as soon as possible.
With these glitches the S2400 for me is unworkable.

I’ve been having the same issues, mostly with the filter knob being moved in other modes causing the slice end point to move as though the knob were moved in slice mode. Usually the change occurs during playback, and sometimes it takes numerous plays of that slice for the end point to suddenly jump. I’ve been meaning to make a bug report thread about it myself but it’s inconsistent and hard to get video of with only two hands.

Fader lock appears to prevent it but then you can’t do much of anything until you turn that off and then the problem may come back at any time.

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so glad it wasn’t just me - when i reported it and sent video i felt like it had never been seen before

Struggled to take this video of the issue

Only the fourth slice was doing it despite most of the filter knobs having been moved at some point in the project. Video doesn’t show much clearly but on playback, the end point jumps when that slice plays. The end point matches where the filter knob happens to be, and going into waveform view to adjust, touching an end slider snaps it back to the original point and adjusts from there. So the points I have manually set are still in memory, but are being overridden by the knob position for some reason.

This occasion happened with a filter knob with no sound assigned to it’s base pad. And I hadn’t adjusted the filter knob for the multi slice in the level, pitch, or envelope modes. I have usually experienced the issue when making a change with the knob in one of those modes, this might be the first time I’ve noticed it when the knob is completely irrelevant to anything in the project.

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I’ve had problems with ENV1 hi-fi screen too. Can you post video/info on your particular problem?

Mine was - it kept losing/changing the ENV1 shape I just made, after I hit Play.

But, perhaps that was due to my user error? Idk.
I was thinking, perhaps, I previously recorded a rough, basic ENV (knobs/fader-only ENV, non-hifi screen), then after that I shaped a new ENV in hifi ENV1 screen, then hit Play (and not Record), and it maybe reverted to the previous rough-knobs/filter-ENV I made earlier. irdk.

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I’ll have to make a video recording when I have a chance. It also seems to result in early note cutoff; I have tried completely clearing out pattern, fixing the slice points → locking them, but still also experiencing note/sample cutoff.

*It seems to only do it while recording.

I think your envelope jumping back IS related to having settings recorded. It will do it to any parameter (slice points, levels etc).

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i have made video before with empty project, viewing the main screen of envelopes and they change, no pattern data recorded, no samples loaded. not related to recorded parameters as nothing was recorded, i will keep watching and hopefully catch it on video again

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caught again today - yesterday it was muting my samples by removing all sustain, it was literally flattening the envelope shape in front of my eyes and when i adjusted back it was fighting me - i just walked away in disgust yesterday before i smashed it against the wall but when it did it today i decided enough was enough - video proof, again - already sent video showing it weeks ago as well…

different channel from day to day so it is not hardware - it doesn’t do it all the time, it changes what part of the envelope it alters - sample length or slicing status etc matter not

blank patterns , no data, new project , old project, loads of files, no files etc -you get the point


From what I can see in the video this is a hardware issue caused by no 1 potentiometer. That’s why it won’t have been picked up by any of the testing team. Raise a support ticket please and we’ll get it over to Jazzcat for repair :+1:

except this has happened on ch 7,2,5 and 6 at random - said this to mickey

so they must all be cracker jacked ?

anyway cheers roz

Right. We’ll get it over for testing in that case. As Mickey said it could also be a ribbon issue. I was only commenting on the video.

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is it worth me opening up at this end on video?

i saw someone did that for some other odd reason and it sorted it…

who would make that decision>?

I mean you can whip the sides off to remove/refit the ribbon cable that connects the pots to the U/I board so we can rule it not sitting correctly at least. However if that doesn’t resolve the issue then we’d need to still look to replace the ribbon cable and then go from there. We can post a replacement one of those out easily enough for you to replace that also so your machine doesn’t have to go anywhere. Up to you.

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does it need to go back to the states? if so let’s just start at the beginning

if it can be done here then i am fine with that, preferable to all parties tbf

Jazzcat is located in the UK. shouldn’t need to send it back to the states.