Feature Request: Multimode Slice Simple Zoom

Loving multimode, and the simplified slicing when zoomed out (fader for start point, knob for end point). What is cumbersome, is when you jump in for finer adjustments in the waverform and have to transition to using all 8 faders to finely adjust start and end points.

What I would LOVE, would be a second, simplified zoomed in mode, where you could still use just the fader for the channel, and the knob to adjust the start and end point, rather than having to fine tune across all 8 faders.

Hopefully that makes sense.


I just saw your Facebook post and was about to reply β€œHey post that in the Feature Request forum.” But thought I’'d check first, and here it is.

Great suggestion! Thanks.


Hey Mickey! Great work on getting these firmwares pushed out! Was wondering if you guys are seriously considering my suggestions above, and if so where that fits into the timeline.

Appreciate all the hard work, thanks man!

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Yes, we are seriously considering it, but it is not a high priority right now.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply dude!

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I would like to echo this. Going from pad to pad and zooming in for each pad seems like an extra step when I would love for the Zoom to be locked after pad 1 so the view is the same after I Zoom in on pad 1.

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@pjkatzmusic That sounds like a different feature request.

@Mickey I think an easy (?) way to do this would be just allow the F3 zoom to have the same functionality in this screen as well. So right when you jump into loop/slice multi, you do rough adjustments with the fader for start, knob for end point, then hitting F3 to zoom allows those same controls to make finer zoomed in adjustments.

Another user @tnkz76 suggested a similar functionality as well in another thread.

This would be a workflow game changer for me!

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Yeah +1. I have nothing against all these faders adjustement when it is a single sample or a loop but I think it could be simplified when using multi slices.

Nevertheless the real problem with multislices is how it works with the RAM. If samples are a bit too long it is not smooth and the sequencer sounds like it is stuttering. (when playing with and switching multislices on the fly)

So the thinking for my request was :
-To overcome the RAM limitation I need to do what I want to do in main screen, without the waveform editor, with the fader and the knob for a track.
-But sometimes I need to go back to the waveform editor when there is not enough range with the knob. I mean for long samples it can be too imprecise. In this case I need the data wheel.

β†’ as the behavior is different between these 2 modes β†’ confusion β†’ feature request.

So my question is : is there a hope one day to fix the RAM issue or would it need another board or a s2400 mk2?