Feature Request- Tied Slice Mode

My proposal is of another slice mode to be introduced(along with the current one). This mode would have all the slice points tied together. The big use case for this is slicing a 1-2 bar loop into one shots. The workflow would be as such:

Load a sample, hit loop slice multi.
Slice 1 gets edited for start and end. The End of Slice 1 is the beginning of slice 2, the end of 2 is beginning of 3, and so on.

I find that this method makes slicing drums extremely fast, and while its not ideal for everything, rhythmic loops can be made to fit most tempos quickly this way…


F7 and F9 functions can help with this. In multi mode, F7 sets the beginning of the slice to the end of the previous one. So, you just have to adjust the end of each slice.


@mickey #3 woooowwwwww s2400 baby this machine is going to be a monster!!! @StupidAmericanPig thanks for taking the time out and speaking your mind brother we all need that #quickshortcuts in and out lol

Thanks Mickey- I will give this a try, as that sounds like that will be what I want.

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@Mickey This has proven to be a big time saver for me using F7 and F9 so thanks for that tip. I do still think having an option for slices tied by default would be great, if low priority…

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Cool. We will put tied slices on the todo list. Not sure when that will happen, as the list is long and seems to keep growing. :slight_smile:


Have said it before but Think the 2400 needs auto slicing based on transient detection to make it a truly modern successor to the sp1200 .:v:


@bradholland @Mickey @roborr THIS IS A FACT BROTHERS !!!

I wasn’t aware that was a feature on the SP1200.

:roll_eyes: :grimacing: i love it regardless

+10 on this one.