Feature Request: Split slice mode / Grid slice mode

A very handy feature that I am used to when chopping samples with the NI Maschine or Ableton and I think would complement the S2400 very well:

To have the option to decide that a sample will be automatically sliced into 2, 4, 8, or even 16, 32… equal parts/pads. If the sample isn’t perfectly in time, it should be possible after splitting to then adjust the start/end points from where the split occured. And having the option to truncate or choose the start/end points before splitting into equal parts. This makes chopping samples so much quicker and can give some really nice surprising slices that one wouldn’t otherwise had done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, peace!


I agree with you.
That should be into the SP as well.

Yup this would be great. The ability to have 16 or 32 slices would be so useful for very edit heavy people like myself working with breaks (I make old school Jungle mainly). Having more than 8th notes per bar essentially, would be ideal really. Not to mention if I want to use 2 bars, or a sample chain.

Would be easy to quite intuitively implement imo (coming from my non programmer brain perspective of course :stuck_out_tongue: ). It could be exactly as it is now, but multimode would have either 2 or 4 banks (for 16 or 32). This could also be implemented by a selection type feature in the track settings, as to whether it uses 8/16/32 on a given track. And thus wouldn’t change anything about how it is now, and just be adding on to it.


I would endorse this as a feature upgrade

This would be cool.

Yes from me

Just wanted to bump this request +1

Somebody also suggested even using the 16 mute/solo buttons as triggers (although I don’t know how easy this would be to implement).

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That could be a smart idea

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Bump this.

I love Isla and the only thing im missing is having more then 8 slices, at least 16 and we just switch the bank for the second round of 8 slices while in multi slice mode.

Thank you for consideration


Live to see this too, but with an intelligent slicing, as the transients are often not exactly on the 1/16s, 1/32, etc but syncopated.

Why not make it 4x 16 or 4 x 32 slices and you can flip through the bars with the pads?

Additionally i would love to see gone the 2mb limit and also a “slice n dice” option with a “how many slices used” and “re-order the same used slices” parameter.

(and btw i’m still hoping for a round robin mode which lets load a different sample on each pad, without having to slice one long sample)

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Using the seek buttons or bank buttons would be neat to get more slices. 8 is pretty limiting although almost just enough - kind of forces you to work with what you have.

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+1 bump bump