Slicing of the sample at each pad that is hit

Hi everyone.
Slicing of the sample at each pad that is hit. Each slice is assigned to the pad being hit.
Have found this function on NI’s Maschine.
This function considerably improves the workflow when a sample is sliced.

Excuse my bad english, i’m french, If you don’t understand, tell me and I’ll try to be more explicit. :blush:


Serato Sample does this too, it is a great feature.

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Welcome to the Forum Lordmac.

It is indeed how the SP2400 work and the feature you are talking about is actually already implemented I believe.

I think theres a video showing it in action .

No that is called lazy chop and it is not a feature of the s2400 at this time


I thought that was what he was talking about @1:51 when he got his sample in multiple chop where he could place them wherever he want but decide to then start them all back to the begining and reposition them how he want them.

Thats what I understood he was asking.


I found a video of this fonction.Here at 2’17min

On maschine it is called “Manual slice”.

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Gotcha !
So what you are requesting is that when the sample is playing, if you hit a pad, it would place the pad start sample point at the moment you punch the pad.

In other words, not placing the starting point of your sample by zooming in the sample but by punching the pad when you hear it.

Am I getting it right ?

Yes , I’m aware (I was apart of the team who got that along with the other methods of slicing and truncating into maschine) … it stems from lazy chop an old feature from the mpc Jj os .


Yeah, is when the is playing. With the possibility to adjust them with the same method as Brad set up (fader…). :blush:
This function on Maschine is super efficient and saves a lot of time.
everything else on the S2400 is perfect.


Well it was a great idea !!! :+1: :+1:

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I have JJOS and can confirm this feature is BEAST, and will consequently grow an extra pair of testicles on your s2400. Not sure if everyone would want that, but that’s what would happen. I support it.


I hope to find it on the next update!

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Well, not the next one. But, in a future update…





Awesome that would be great.

mickey, i like you, not in a bad way but a good way, just wanna say

i like you

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Hi Mickey, Is this interesting feature still planned in a future update?

+1 from me, please. I’ve been using this heaps on the SP-404 Mk2 and agree it’d be lovely on the S2400.


Was working for a number of hours yesterday on the s2400 and was thinking dalm I wish it had that feature from the mpc to slice a long sample quickly across the pads before then being able to fine tune each start and end point. +1 for this feature!