Multiple starting points in the same sample


This might seem like an unusual request but I think it would be really useful.

If it would be possible to have multiple starting points in the same sample that the S2400 would step through sequentialy every time the sample triggers.

Depending on what sample you use it could be used for a lot of interesting stuff.

For example :

*Round robin
*Polymetric melodies (like when triggering the Sh101 sequencer with a drum machine)
*Wave sequencing.
*Polymetric rhythms

And surely a lot more when people start experimenting.

The benefits of this solution is that all of these different functions would be accomplishable by the user on a sample level. I think it’s a good way for people to be able to do a lot of experimenting without needing to ask for functions that would bloat up the ui.

And in combination with the sequencer in the S2400 I think it would be crazy fun.

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We already have this, it’s called multi-slice mode. You can create up to 8 (currently) hitpoints within a sample and assign them all to different pads even though they all use the same single voice.


Wow, that’s really awesome!

Can it automatically advance to the next slice when the first slice has been triggered?

So if I press the same pad three times (or trigger the pad with the sequencer) it will automatically play hitpoint 1, 2 and 3 after each other. Round and round…

If that’s possible I’ll spend the rest of my life in multi slice mode! :slight_smile:

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Currently no, I can definitely see the use for it and I don’t think it would be terribly difficult to implement.
It would be nice to have forward step, reverse step, and random step.


That would be really cool!

Switching from forward to reverse would create a lot of happy accidents.

And random could be used as a sample and hold function! Imagine the sounds it could make when random is combined with the fast quantization Brad showed in one of the videos!


dude ! just, dude !

aaaaaaarrrgghhhh i want my 2400


There are so many cool things that could be done with the sequencer, the sky is the limit really, just depends on how much can be invested in the firmware long-term.

This is definitely one I’d like to see, also probabilities for steps or which sample is played on a step and the ability even to round robin between samples within the same multi (not just for start points in the same sample).

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These would all come out of the same output with the same filter settings right?

That’s OK for a musical sample but for me not great for drums as I want my kicks, snr & hi’s separated.

Then copy the sample to multiple pads.


Yeah, it can be done if you copy the sample to multiple pads and replace the sounds you don’t want on that pad with silence in the sample. So you could work on the music first on one pad then split it up into multiple pads and outputs.

Maybe this is not the most elegant solution for what you want to do. But i think the great thing with a feature like this is that a lot of stuff that could require advanced functions in the sequencer would be doable, sometimes with creative workarounds but still, by editing the samples in various ways.

And I’m sure that this will inspire a lot of new fun and musical ideas that will be impossible to accomplish on other sequencers/samplers. Since it’s all integrated with the sequencer, pads, sliders and whatever new features might show up in the future. :slight_smile: