Bounce Mode Highly Recommend and Multi Mode Slice recomendation

I’ve sat with the S2400 for about three weeks now here’s some feed back recommendation for future features to improve upon such an awesome sampler.

Resampling capability High recommended !! Also the ability to trigger more than one sound simultaneously while in Multi-Mode Slice

Would it be possible to add a source option (Internal) as one of the sampling mode choices?

Currently having eight polyphony at this time. The resample feature would be great for allowing users the option to free up some of the current assigned eight poly audio playbacks. For example, when the user has layered drum sounds playing within the active sequence. The option to go into sampling mode and resample internally and assign that sound back to a pad can then allow the user to do away with two or three-layered snare sounds down to now one. Freeing up two of the eight polyphony for other sounds.

Resample would also be great for internally creating audio stems files for USB Audio drop and drag from SD card to Computer :

The user would then be able to resample active audio tracks playing from the active sequence or song mode while the S2400 is in sampling mode (Internally).

Resampling could provide the user the choice to sample sounds in Hi-Fi and then resample in classic mode at a later time if desired.

Slice Multi-Mode the option to choose to trigger the splice sound as either mono or poly:

The ability to trigger more than one sound at a time while recording the splices into a sequence. The user may want to sequence the hi-hats within the chopped drum break and also then apply the kick or snare triggering simultaneously as the hi hat. Triggering one note polyphony within Slice Multi-Mode cuts off the previous trigger sound currently.

Keep up the great work!



Yeah a resample mode would be great. You could save a drum project (with all the channels used up), bounce/resample that and start a new version (knowing that a previous reiteration will be there pre bounce if needs be)


Those would be very nice updates :+1:

We are calling it “Bounce pattern to sample”. The feature is being developed now.
I renamed this topic to match our terminology.

Also, please make one post per feature request. Multiple features in a single post makes them hard to keep track of.


Just seen you tube update on new os looking good, has Bounce pattern to sample made it onto this update ?

Am sure i read somewhere its still being developed

Will see tomorrow,if not that’s cool know its in the making and new update looks great :+1:

Bounce is not in the next update. But it is being worked on.


Nice one :+1:

Polyphonic multimode would be great for recreating full drum grooves on a single track, even if you could pull it off with dynamic allocation of samples would be super useful


And it would let you play chords from single note samples!!!