Phrase resampling / bounce


  1. Ability to make a mono or stereo sample of a pattern played from the main outputs for n number of bars.
  2. Ability to turn on an optional global re-pitch up prior to sampling, so that playback, when slowed back down, has more magic pixie dust

Among other creative uses:

  • Create patterns, resample, chop, and reuse.
  • Layering to overcome polyphony limitations. To make a more complex beat, or to let the user build up multiple tracks into a song, internally, like how you’d use an old school 4 track cassette recorder.
  • Multiple generations of resampling for additional degradation
  • Move the faders while recording to capture manual changes such as pitch, volume, etc.
  • Lots of creative options between OG and HQ for original sounds, playback, etc. Ex: Play a beat in HQ mode and resample in OG mode with the pitch up. Or the opposite. Or both HQ. Or both OG. Then make a new pattern that has both HQ and OG sounds, and resample in HQ. etc.

If you only sample 1 bar, the first bar will lack the correct tail. If there is a sound long enough to continue into the next bar and ou want it to cut off, cool. but to Then, to loop it seamlessly, the user needs to sample extra measures. For example, long 808 kicks in a 1 bar loop that extend back into the 1, sample 2 bars and loop the 2nd.


i do believe sampling the internal engine exists, if i read you right

In the videos I saw, resampling was mentioned for sounds, not patterns. Is there a video that discusses pattern resampling?

I suppose it is really needed to overcome the polyphony limitation yeah.

have done it for years with my octatrack, it is a great way to keep moving in a direction and to keep the head thinking

also what is cool is each channel gets its own multi slice so if we hit 8, resample to 1, slice that 1 and add 7 more and repeat it gets hectic and fun

if the main or any other out can be resampled then yeah patterns too

the outs are configurable to accept submixes so i see no reason why a pattern could not be subject to resampling

Magic pixie dust :joy:

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That would be really cool. That’s one of the only things I don’t like about the sp-404. Can’t resample the sequencer.

There is a picture of the resampling screen on SNS. It seems that it is coming soon. In this case you may be able to layer drums on several pads and resample them to assign the sum to one pad.