Question about sampling/ resampling

Is there an internal 12 bit resampling mode? Let s say I want to make a beat with samples without aliasing (24 bit) on one verse and the following verse the same samples with aliasing (12 bit). Is it possible to do it easily?

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So far I heard resampling for sounds discussed. Is there resampling for patterns, or just sounds? Resampling a pattern would be cool! Then you could do it for several generations of degradation. Also cool would be resampling with pitch change added, where the source sounds is pitched up before resampling so it could be pitched down on playback for that magic pixie dust.

While 24 bit will be cleaner, keep in mind aliasing is a function of sample rate, not bit depth. You will hear quantization artifacts due to 12 bit files which kind of sounds like a washy overdrive/saturation type sound. the ring mod/aliasing sound is due to the 26khz sample rate and linear interpolation(drop sample). I believe Brad showed a screenshot of a utility/menu option to convert from hifi mode to lofi mode with any sample. Correct me if Im wrong but I think its per channel.

What StupidAmericanPig said is correct. for the most part.

Resampling is done ‘live, on the fly’ in the machine.
In Hi-fi mode the audio engine plays back at 48khz 24bit with interpolation.

when switched to ‘classic’ mode, the sound is resampled down to 26k 12bit and interpolation (smoothing) is turned off.


Thanks for the technical explanations. Happy to know that it looks possible. I suppose the simpliest way is to copy a pad and set one to hifi mode and the other one to classic mode. Anyway I m looking forward to receiving my unit in a few months to try by myself. I am sure it will be a good source of inspiration for many of us. New gear new hope :slight_smile: