Recording at 26/12 vs 48/16

Has anyone done any testing to see if there’s any difference between recording directly at 26khz / 12bit vs recording at the higher sample rate and bit depth and then just switching to “classic” playback mode in track settings?

Obviously one advantage of recording at the lower rate is memory / sample time / disk space when saving. But other than that, are there any significant sonic differences? I’m wondering whether I’d be better off recording at the higher rate to give myself more options when reusing samples in the future, rather than locking myself in to a lofi sound at recording time.

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I m recording everything at 48/16 and always create a lofi version at 26 with the resample function. Best of both worlds, you can switch, compare and chose the one that sounds best for the beat you’re working on.

That’s one of the reasons why I like the s2400. Very nice and flexible sound. :slight_smile:

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That’s a really good point… as I understand it the resample function goes through the same preamp / converters, so should sound very close if not exactly the same to recording at 26/12 directly. Right?

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Should be the same yeah.
After you have small extra tweaks with “classic” mode and “bit depth” options but just resampling it at 26khz with the +5.37 semitones option sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Resample is equivalent to plugging in a cable from the output to line in and sampling. It will be filtering the high resolution signal through an antialiasing filter at the input stage, which imparts a lot of character to it (makes things sound ringy and bell like, or like an FM synth to me). On top of that, you will have an optional filter on the output stage (see FX button), for a more underwatery sound.

On top of all that, you can use pitch like 33/45, which is honestly a bit much for me as it absolutely shreds a lot of subtle sounds.

I actually mixdown to mono on my comuter since it’s more data friendly, then resample on the S2400. Sounds very chunky.

Contrast with just turning the bitrate down or switching to classic mode in track settings, which gives a kind of bit crush effect which is really harsh and digital. Not at all equivalent in my experience. There are multiple threads on this, but it is a lot to wade through.