Optimal Sample Format Question

Hey everyone,

In the manual regarding optimal sample format it states

“Samples with a bit depth other than 16-bit are converted during playback. So, there is no benefit to loading files of higher bit depth. They will also take up more memory and CPU resources.”

With this in mind, is it worth batch converting my 24 bit samples to 16 bit wav, before loading onto the s2400?

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would seem so, that or allow the machine to do it for you

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Im working under the assumption that 16/48khz is the ideal rate for the hi-fi engine and that 16/44.1 will be resampled to 48. Since I have a few other samplers Im just making everything 16/44.1 so I dont have multiple copies to manage. Nothing wrong with a few more conversions to add a bit of grime to things :smiley:


Thanks guys, - i guess I’m more focused on this statement “They will also take up more memory and CPU resources”

Will the machine perform better with the optimal format? Or will the difference not be noticed :slight_smile:

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I would say yes. If you use 24bit samples and take up more ram. Also there is a greater chance the UI will be less snappy since a 24 bit file is 33% larger than the equivalent 16bit file. Remember each track can hold up to 2Mb before it has to load it off the card in waveform view. However in real world beat making I dont know if it would be a huge workflow killer, best practice has that name for a reason.


i gotta be honest, most of my stuff in the 2400 will be @ lofi anyway, if i want better and 16 bit is good enough for cd, it is good enough for me


@reverbslush took me a second to realize yer the poster formerly known as j.m. But yes, the lofi setting may as well be default for me. Sounds like a feature request :rofl:


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i thought you had gone mad then, i had to do a double check…

anyone remember vanilla sky?

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@bradholland what has happened to my username brother?

Yeah - this is me (the real reverbslush). I just logged in today to check out the firmware upgrade and did notice my profile pic was something I never had before. Looks like my account was merged into someone else’s. I’ve never read or posted in this thread until now :sweat_smile:

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I m asking myself the same question. Well in fact I would like to be able to resample internally at 16bit 44.1khz to transfer files on the fly to my mpc1000. I have a cf to sd adapter inside.

My question is about bit depth when sampling. When sampling is Hifi mode 16 bit? Considering the above warning it does not really make sense to sample at 24 bit due to RAM and audio engine limitations. If it is 24 bit what’s the maximum amount of sampling time for 24 bit 48khz stereo before RAM is full? About 2 minutes?

About this point I don’t think the manual is clear. Would be helpful if explained more in details and information gathered on the same page. Hopefully the forthcoming tutorial video about sampling is easy to understand. :slight_smile:

Sampling is at 16 bit.


Hey @Mickey and @av500 So long as the wav file is 16 or 24 bit, is there any specs on what sample rates the audio engine will play back?

From the manual:

Supported Sample Formats
File Format: WAV
Sample Rates: 26KHz, 44.1KHz, and 48KHz
Bit Depth: 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, and 32-bit float

Files other than WAV are not loaded. Sample rates other than those listed play at 48KHz. Bit
depths other than those listed do not play.


Thanks Mickey- I want to say that I had a 16/27khz wave from the Emulator II library that played? Is that possible?? I will double check now…

Yes, that will play, because all 16 bit WAV files play. Except that it will play at 48KHz and so be much higher pitch than the original.


Gotcha- And it did seem like it was a bit higher in pitch, but I call that a great feature. Thanks…

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you can easily resample your 27kHz file into 26kHz on the PC, then load onto the S2400