Confused over sample rate

i just converted some one shots to 48 khz to work fine with the s2400 when i saw that some of the factory content has 26 or 30 khz. whats up with that? is there a need to convert them to 48 khz or will they sound like they should?

I haven’t had to convert to 48k, but it seems like that is the best bet for continuity and guaranteeing they play correctly. I’ve had a couple instances of longer 44.1 samples acting strange but not enough to convert them.

thanks for the info! i read that ken flux pierce did it, so the s2400 plays the 26 khz original sample in 48 khz and when you pitch it back down it gets extra spicy… makes sense. i guess i will just take different khzs for some samples and check the results.

As long as it is a 16 bit file just about any sample rate will work. The thing you will notice is that if you have files that arent known sample rates to the 2400 the playback speed will be wrong. So if it is 44.1, 48, or 26khz you will play back at the correct speed. If you had a 22khz file it will playback at double speed so you would have to pitch it down 12 semitones to get it to the correct playback speed. The Emu soundbank I posted in the file exchange is full of odd sample rates that were used by the various emu romplers (32khz being common). They all play back fine, but you may notice more artifacts when you get them to the correct pitch. I call that a feature though :smiley:


thanks for you answer sap! so that means if i want to use drum samples i can import either khz but if i want the correct original pitch of a whole melodic octave (for example 7 samples of a piano) i should convert it before importing?… if so, does it make a difference if it is 16 or 24 bit if i use 48 khz?

24bit will just use the 64mb faster :grinning:

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yeah convert everything to 16 bit 48 khz beforehand. So that you don’t have to think afterwards and don’t have to find the cause of a potential issue :slight_smile:

thanks everyone :pray:t3: i converted some samples today with xld and they work just fine