Question about sample rates/audio engines

Let’s say I have 26 kHz samples on pads 1-4 and 48 kHz samples on pads 5-8 and I’m using the stereo analogue outputs for monitoring/recording:

Are pads 1-4 actually running at 26 kHz or are they being sample rate converted to 48 kHz during playback? Does each pad/track/channel have its own audio engine/crystal and all 8 channels get summed in the analogue domain to the stereo outputs?

I assume that when using audio over USB or using the headphone output all samples regardless of their respective native sample rates are converted to 48 kHz during playback?

Apologies if this has been asked before, just trying to understand the architecture a little better of how the S2400 deals with 26 and 48 kHz audio.

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Yep there are 8 individual audio engines that get summed to the mix out at there respective sample rates. As far as I know they play over USB at the same rates as direct out.