Audio Engine setting vs. Inputs 1/2, Phono 1/2

Just trying to get my head around something.

When I sample through Inputs 1/2 or Phono 1/2, my material is sampled at 26KHz/12 bit, yes?

What does the Audio Engine setting (HiFi/Classic) affect?

When I transfer samples to my SD card from my computer (let’s say 48KHz/16 Bit),
and then I assign them to a pad, are they still 48KHz/16 Bit, or can they be 26KHz/12 bit,
or is that where the audio engine setting comes into play?

Thank you in advance for helping me understand this.

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When sampling, the source setting sets both the input jacks and the sample rate. The options are Line1&2 26K, Line1&2 48K, Line3&4 48K, Phono1 26K, Phono1 48K, Phono2 48K.
Samples recorded at 26K sample rate are 12-bit, and samples recorded at 48K are 16-bit.
When a new sample is saved, it is saved at the selected sample rate and bit depth.

The Audio Engine setting is for playback, not sampling.
It sets the pitch shifting method: either the Classic drop sample method, or HiFi.
The Classic setting also sets the playback to 12-bits, zeroing out the lower four bits of 16-bit files.
Neither setting changes the sample rate.


OK, thanks Mickey. I get it now :slight_smile:
Then along the same lines, Is there a way to have the Audio Engine retain its setting each time I turn the machine on, or do I need to choose what I want each time I power up?

Audio Engine is a per-track setting. It is saved in the KIT file.