USB Output

A bout the signal flow out of S2400 through USB, are its 16 bit 48kHz samples resampled to 12 bit 26kHz or played through S2400’s 12 bit 26kHz DAs and resampled to the DAWs setting, for instance 24 bit 44.1kHz?
If played through the 12 bit 26kHz DAs, then will the different filter settings of the outputs affect the sound to the DAW right?

  1. the S2400 only supports 48kHz/16 bit over USB audio, no 44.1kHz
  2. when audio is played on the S2400 and sent over USB, it’s all digital and no DAs are involved. 48kHz samples are sent “as-is”, 26kHz and 44.1 Samples are resampled to 48kHz. the digital filters are still applied, but the analog filters on CH 1 and 2 won’t be heard.
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