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Bear with me. I have old man brain when it comes to computers…

I understand the S2400 can be connected to a computer as an audio interface via USB. Does that mean in my DAW (Reaper) I’ll be able to record the 8 (32?) individual tracks with no additional hardware? Won’t that bypass the hardware filters?


in this live stream with Ken Pierce, Brad says 8 channels of audio available over USB. no details on where in the circuit those channels draw output from. I don’t presume to know the actual circuit design, but it would make sense if those USB audio channels were post analog filter. that would preserve the option to insert the filters in the signal path or have the direct sound w/o filters, and thus maintain the same functionality you have using the hardware outputs.

CAUTION: The following contains (some well considered) speculation. :wink:

apart from the ability to break the channels out into separate DAW tracks without the need for an audio interface with 8+ analog inputs, the USB audio option would also bypass the external preamps and ADC on the aforementioned (hypothetical) interface. however, if you insert the analog filters, the signal would still need to be converted going into and coming out of the filters before that channel data is transferred over USB.

an additional benefit of USB audio as described above, at least in theory, is that the S2400 would retain more of it’s “signature sound” if the post-filter conversion were handled by its internal ADC rather than those of the external interface going into your DAW. regardless of whether or not the analog filters are used, USB audio could make accessible the “raw” sound of whatever is happening inside the S2400. with the ability to load samples directly to the SD card from USB and trigger pad/note via MIDI (as I believe Brad has indicated), this would make it possible to basically use the S2400 audio engine as an external sound module, audio processor, and/or sequencer.

could be :sunglasses: , no?

I’m really wondering about this stuff too.

Being able to sample audio from a computer through the S2400 audio engine(s) / analog filters without needing another interface would be ideal.

to be honest, I’d be fine even if I had to sample through the inputs and process back through the outputs, just to have maximum options to process through the SSI filters on each stage and choose sample rate/bit depth. certainly not as convenient, but keeping to the mentality that I have to accept such limitations would enforce decisions instead of deferring them. I’d have to want it bad enough, in other words.

I admire the priorities that have been made, to make this an instrument that does what it does and does it well. I still hope that there are enough doors left open to allow various points of access to those core functions. the inclusion of phono inputs is a superb example of giving the user more and flexible options, and it will be great if we see that thread continually woven through the design.

to that end, even forgoing the analog output filters, might it be possible to access 32 mono/16 stereo pairs if some rudimentary digital mixing does make its way into the firmware as @JDFlow asked?

USB audio will not include the analog inopt or output filters or the output mixer, it will be strictly “in the CPU” digital signals in and out.


good to know, thanks for sharing! still a very convenient feature even without passing through the filters and digital mixer.

with mixer I meant the analog MIX OUT, we can still provide am equivalent digital 2-channel downmix over USB audio

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Sorry for misunderstanding, but this means that 8 channels from the SP2400 will pass over USB into a DAW on 8 seperate channels without going through the filters inside the SP itself? Thank you :pray:


Does anyone know if the input monitoring will stream through the usb too?

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definitely maybe


Bjork reference. @av500


As much as I definitely enjoy solitude…

possibly maybe…

:thinking: my limited experience with software development suggests if the answer is maybe it’s likely a no due to hardware limitations. Honestly I was over that feature the moment I learned it’d bypass the output filters. Kind of a pointless addition if it doesn’t capture the sound that I’m specifically investing in.

i grabbed oasis from it

i see this version of maybe as yes

just not now

stay +ve

is it already working?

not yet

A real testament to how fun this machine is - I have been using it a week and haven’t plugged it into my computer since I first loaded a bunch of sounds on it. Literally just been chopping jamming and making beats. Can’t even share any tracks because I haven’t even bounced anything out.

Love this ting!