Audio into DAW, USB Audio and resampling

Little help with understanding please.
When resampling s2400 resample its input sounds, does that mean if I resample and after “bounce” tracks via USB I keep the s2400 sounds?

Or do I have to send through the 8 outs /mixout into audio interface to DAW?

Probably dont save any steps but might be easier…

I’m sorry I’m a bit confused by your question. Resampling can happen with the internal engine. In other words you don’t have to send audio out and back in for that process to happen, which is a really nice feature. It doesn’t matter how you send the audio out of the unit either by 8 channel/mix out or USB. Resampling is a separate thing.

Generally bouncing a track is done in the DAW or there is tracking out of the S2400 via the 8ch/Mix outs or USB. Or it means that you would record on all but one track, and then mix those tracks together and move them to the last track, freeing them up for more recording on a mixer with recording built in.

Could you clarify a bit better your process?

I’ll start again.
Thank you for the reply!

I can use the 8 outs or stereo mix out into audio interface to cubase. That way I use the s2400 converters and maintaining its awesome sound.

Question is if I can eliminate cables and analog recording by resampling (thus using the converters internally) and when done sending _recording via USB.

If this now makes any more sense.

You can. What you miss out on by recording via USB is that there are 3 different types of filtering on the outputs. Channels 1 and 2 have dynamic filters, channels 3, 4, 5, and 6 are filtered by a constant amount, and channels 7 and 8 are totally unfiltered. The best thing to do is try it out for yourself with different samples and different settings.

I ended up opting to using resample with the internal engine and sending audio out primarily via USB tracking all 8 channels separately.

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