Bouncing technics , bounce channels in sequence

I am about to start mixing some 20 beats for a new beat tape and wondering if there is a way to bounce each channel individually like when bouncing a sound?

Maybe i am missing soemthing or just confused :confused:

So i would like to bounce a channel as it playes in the sequence and save as WAV, after i do it to all sounds/channels in sequence i can place them into DAW for editing. That way i dont have to record out through 8 outs or USB.

Bouncing records what’s coming out of the machine and you can’t bounce multiple tracks at the same time. I think you’re best bet it to record the tracks out the 8 outputs or usb…

Or just solo each track and bounce it one by one.

When bouncing via USB, does it include any adjustments you made (Filter, pitch, etc) on the unit?
In other words, does the bounced USB sound the same as if you bounced via the individual outs or main outs?

If you’re using the analog filters you need to use the analog outs. Except that, everything done in the digital realm should be at the USB out.

Thanks man, appreciate it. :blush:

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An idea, i have to try when i get a minute is; solo each channel and bounce to wav. Now the filters are recorded so should be ok. If now saved the sequence/individual channels as wav, can i jist send them via usb to computer as wav and edit on daw?

Anyone tried it yet🤔

One of the advantages of the S2400 is the 8 analog outs.

Best practice is to make your project changes in Song Mode and then record into your DAW from the 8 analog outs.

You can use MMC from your DAW to trigger each track individually, but it’s going to take you 8 times as long. It’s a waste of time.

I’d suggest using an 8 analog input interface like the Audient Evo 16.