'Tape' bounce patterns/live loops, resample?

This is probably a request too far (or too dumb), but I’d love to be able to bounce/resample loops/patterns etc - either internally, or by hooking up outputs to the inputs to use the in/out filters(!). At the moment I record into DAW and then sample/drop back into 2400. Want to stop using a computer and enjoy/embrace the limitations of 8 track recording - could Isla bring us an old school tape-style bounce option?

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i requested this about 18mths ago, many others have too and it is in the works - how they will implement it we dont know yet - will be called pattern bounce i believe

Had searched but not found the thread - great news, thanks!

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I’ve been mixing 8 outs from the 2400 into my Tascam board and directly onto 2 track tape, then back into the 2400 and then into DAW for some magic spices at the end… Its awesome