Resampling is actually possible! -> LIVELOOPER

Yeah its possible!
My set up is my SP connected to a 24 CH Soundcraft Mixer.

  1. SP mixout or individual outs connected to mixer. Routed to monitorgroupe 1-2.
    Any inputs from my mixer (synths, SL1210 etc.) i can route to the SP analoginput via group 3-4 on the mixer

  2. For resampling i route the SP mixout or individual outs to group 3-4 on the mixer. I can now resample into the tracks of the LIVELOOPER. Pattern, single drums, layered drums etc. I can even trigger notes manually and record while pattern runs and save the recordings. So I can made slices from single hits etc. to play in multimode on one pad.


  1. Set inputmonitor to OFF to avoid feedback !!!

  2. MUTE the livelooptrack while recording to avoid doubling signal !!!

  3. Start recording LIVELOOP

  4. Havent try it yet but it should work by connecting the SP out to analog in and monitoring with headphones. Maybe someone could try.

Enjoy, Cheers


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You haven’t tried it :thinking:

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Only via Mixer. Other solution should work. I’m just on a trip without the SP :pensive:

I’ve tried 2 channels going in to stereo pedal and back into the inputs, it works :slight_smile:

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been doing it this way since i got it

it’s a workaround until we get the real deal

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Logically it schould work, cool.