Real time resample of external FX

Would be lovely to hit a sample from my S2400 into my space echo and back into my
S2400 all wet and delayed…And resample/hear it without feedback loop


Well, you can do that by sending the signal of the relevant track to the external FX via the relevant “channel out” jack, and returning it to the inputs which can then be heard in the “Input Mon” mode or resampled in the “Sample” mode. Should work like this i guess…

Nope…cant play/record that way…Disabled atm


You’re right, when in Sample-Mode the Pads can’t be triggered…


what about in live looper mode?

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you can do this- sample the desired output through the efx and then back to sample in. Just be sure to turn of input monitor.

Trying this again with the space echo…

Input monitoring is turned off

Into live loops - hit the pad/play - and get a ton of feedback

what am i doing wrong

update - think its now working…

Bit of a faff - but 2 identical channels - 1 to output 3 and the other to monitor…into live loops - records the external effect

Am still preying the devs are considering to make this easier - like triggering a pad into fx and record it on the fly (without feedback or the hassle in setting it all up)


What you basically wish is a kind of send & return functionality, which maaaybe will come anytime in the future, but I guess for now Mickey has 3000 other things to implement first.

I guess everyone either has a big mixing desk or no external FX…It just was never an issue in earlier MPC’s

Using external FX kind of works via the looper…

But yeah a send/return or a clever work around where pads can be triggered whilst in sample mode and feedback isnt an issue

Theres radio silence from the dev’s on this and everyone seems obsessed on UNDO which is as useful as a didgeridoo in a deep house sample pack

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8-9 months later…

I actually posted something similar to this last request last night.

I ended up combing through the live looper posts, which do seem provide this functionality in theory, but it certainly would be nice if it were more straightforward.

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A step by step guide on how to use the looper as a send/return “hack” could be a good addition to a manual. Maybe with a sort of disclaimer.

Since the routing of the inputs and outputs can’t be changed via firmware, I’d like to see some sort of USB audio send/return loop type of thing. Someone else suggested when using USB audio to be able to remove a channel from the main mix, run it through a plug-in/app and then add only the wet signal back. I thought that was a pretty good idea if possible.



I seems like an option could be built (given that it is possible while in the live looper) w/ a more direct functionality while in the sampling mode.

W/ no onboard fx, this functionality is pretty major, and without leaves the machine pretty deficient by most flexibility standards (I say this with love for my s2400).

There was another post where a developer or beta tester said something along the lines of the I/O not being able to be turned into a send/return loop for effects based on how it is built. If you look through all the effects related posts you should find it.

While a send/return would be nice, personally I’m holding out hope for onboard effects to be added given that there is an effects button. Their cryptic Instagram post from a week ago has given me even more hope. Hell I’d buy an external effects processor specifically designed for the S2400 if they made one.

For now I’m doing channel outs to my audio interface to my iPad and then routing them through apps via audiobus and then back out to my mixer. I have an order in for a 404 MKII that should be here my March, so if no effects are added by then I’ll probably be bouncing stuff between it and the S2400 a lot.

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At least other people are thinking about this.

I read the item about the I/O as well at some point. Given that the live looper method is reported to work, that would make this, at least in part, false.

I am not really into working back and forth between samplers - life is short.


I just asked a similar question here Workflow advice for sampling external sequences

I also crave a simple workflow to bounce a loop with external FX printed, or bounce a tight loop of an external synth.

Have you tried the new bounce function? I’m not sure it will work as you’d need it to be playing the unaffected track via one of the 1-8 outputs, through some fx, and back into an input, but ONLY record the input (I think it might currently include the unaffected audio too which is no good).

EDIT: I think it depends what happens to the numbered outputs when you “bounce pattern”. If they playback normally but are excluded from the bounce, then I think we can make it work. If they are muted or included in the recording, I think we’re stuck.

EDIT2: Just tried… during pattern bounce it does continue to playback the unaffected audio through the specified output (in my case #6), and it records the audio back from the FX unit (in my case going back into input #3). Unfortunately it also captures the unaffected audio, so I don’t think it’s currently possible to use pattern bounce to capture only the wet affected audio. Shame; I’ll raise a feature request for a toggle on the pattern bounce page that would record “master outs only” and therefor would allow us to remove the raw audio from the bounced recording.


I would love this.

I’ve been using the s2400 for sound design projects- programming a beat and utilising the looper to grab and blend synth performances- often through effects, and it would be great to be able to send a dry loop out to be processed and back in again.

I’m not attempting to stubbornly stay ‘in the box’ here, but keeping a composition in one machine can be a beautiful thing.


+1 for the toggle in bounce pattern

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+1000 for this, I have a lot of outboard gear I want to bounce stuff through.


Would love this feature as well

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Want it as well

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