Workflow advice for sampling external sequences


I’m trying to integrate the S2400 into my existing hardware setup and was hoping to get some workflow tips/advice.

One of the things I’d like to do is to sample synth layers onto S2400 so that I can reuse the same synth for different parts (i.e. “bounce” my synths to a loop). I’ve played around with using the Looper mode for this purpose and it works, but the 19.8 second sample time limit is, well, limiting!

When I try to use the standard sampling mode for this, I get a bit stuck. I can’t find any way to simply sample, say, 8 bars, starting exactly with the transport (controlled externally from cirklon). Is such a thing possible?

EDIT: Similar question applies if I want to run a S2400 track through external effects, and resample that as a loop.


Try using the bounce function in an empty pattern (or midi only pattern). You will have to chop the start point, unless you make the s2400 sync master.

Thanks for the suggestion. That works, in a way. The good news is that the monitored audio is included in the bounced wav. The problem is I still can’t really get a nice clean synced loop easily.

Hmmm I’ll have to keep thinking.

Making the s2400 sync master, isn’t that your solution?

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Yes that works thanks! Sorry I didn’t listen the first time. :blush:

I was dubious about using the s2400 as sync master as the cirklon is always my (extremely stable) master clock. However having done some quick tests with s2400 as master the sync seems solid with cirklon as slave which allows me to bounce my Cirklon patterns from any machine into the sampler. Great stuff.

Thanks again!

@Bram that’s dope - just got a cirklon to play with s2400 and thought I’d make Cirklon run the master clock but in the case of resampling I can see how that could be problematic.

Do you lack anything by having the s2400 run the master?

I’d much rather use the cirklon as master, simply because it is the beating heart of my studio and I’d be extremely surprised if the S2400 clock was as stable (cirklon is as good if not better than timing on the much revered Atari ST).

To be honest S2400 is not really fit for the purpose of capturing loops in the way I want at the moment so I’ve kind of given up for now in the hope that some firmware tweaks can make this kind of workflow better.


I hope they tweak this aspect as well as I got it to capture loops of my synths as well lol.