Traditional "Synth" Style Samplling

Hi, sorry for the potentially dumb question, but I am having trouble finding a clear answer. Can I sample a tone and then use the S2400 to treat that like the oscillator of a synth, basically? Am I able to assign, e.g., a sine wave, to a pad on it and then repitch that note with my midi keyboard to play it like a synth?

Yes. And filter it, and modify the envelopes - including modulating pitch and filter with envelopes. Alex Ball demoed that to great effect in one of the video lessons.

yes but unless i am missing something (which is entirely possible :rofl:), we cannot create a loop in the wave and also get the file to play after the loop point - i.e with a looped string etc

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Thank you both for the replies.

So, yes to chromatic playback of a sample with it as an oscillator, but things like single cycle waveforms wouldn’t be terribly useful. Sounds like plucks, bells, or very long samples are the way to go.

Are there plans to add this kind of sampling?

There are about a thousand single cycle waveforms built into the machine!
They work great, as do sample with loop points, e.g. soundfonts.

so please enlighten me on how to do it then, i am not talking with a SCWF , i am talking with a longer wave where i would loop a section at an arbitrary place and then release the pad and it plays past the looped area

i asked in another post to no joy - you are saying this is possible in 2400?

Fantastic. So functional for one-shots, phrases, and “synth-like” operation. Sold. Thank you very much.

@j.m The S2400 has a loop start point, but no loop end point. The loop end point is always the slice end point. But, the way that the envelope works makes it work well with SCWF. The envelope release always plays out. Even if you have the sound set to gated, the envelope release will play at the end. Try it out!

thanks i know this about the end point and no real loop end, that is where i use the example of the looped area being different to the end of the file

the end point that we set for loop end is always the end, this is my quandry and i believe what OP is also referring to, if i have a sample and it is 10 secs long for example and i loop between 5 and 8, when i choose for the loop to end (xx times or secs) it does not play past the ‘end’ point, yes the release works but it releases inside the looped area, not beyond it


so we agree?

is there any way this could ever be changed?

so there was a defined loop end (not shared with slice end) which would allow the file to do its loop and then play to the natural end

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Yes, a loop end parameter could be added in the future.


thankyou - i leave you alone now

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I was just playing around with single cycle waveforms! Using the envelopes with the filter, you can get some great mono synth sounds in a pinch.

I get and/or make my waveforms with WaveEdit incase anyone wants to experiment with weird cycles or draw their own:

Mickey, you said there are a thousand built into the machine? In what folder?

GOTO factory sounds and look in the library part

i believe they are from adventure kid, he has thousands more on his site, been using them in maschine, TAL and my OT forever

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Internal\Sample Libraries\Adventure Kid SC Waveforms\

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(and can we have loop start point be able to be before sample start too?)