S2400 self sampling/bounce down?

Is there anyway for the S2400 to sample/record its self?

Example, I’d like to load the same synth sound on multiple pads, tune each one, play together and voila, a chord of the sample! And I’d like to sample/record this sound to be able to use on its own.

It looks like live looping is an option? Although that only records in mono if I’m reading that correctly?

My needs aren’t necessarily to be live, I guess some sort of a “bounce down” feature would work? Not sure if I’m missing something.

Appreciate any insights :slight_smile:

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Wow… I looked through the manual and googled… not sure how I missed that! :exploding_head::crazy_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:
Grateful for the response :pray:
Gosh darn I love this machine :100::100::100:
Can not wait for that add on card they’re baking up. I’m hoping to never have to touch a computer for music :muscle: