Sequencing a synth and recording it back

I just received this beauty! I was trying functionality and I encounter a setback.
So I sequenced an external synth with the s2400 and a keyboard controller, I hear the synth monitoring inputs 1&2 and now I want to record the synth part to audio on a pad. But everytime I go to sample I cannot play the sequence so I cannot sample it back.
Any advice?

When sampling even MIDI disengages. I think I might be doing something wrong…

Reading this made me realize I still need to spend more time with my s2400 as I still haven’t plugged a synth up to it yet. I’m probably not gonna personally be able to help you very much but have you watched Alex Ball’s tutorial on YouTube?

When I run into walls with my s2400 and don’t feel like finding/redownloading the manual, that playlist on the isla instruments youtube channel has been super helpful to visualize things I have overlooked or forgotten. (I really need to take this as a sign to spend more time with it.)

Anyways, sorry for the rant, but I would check that out at least in the meantime until someone else more knowledgeable can reply to your thread here. You’ll get it figured out though :pray:

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Yes, almost everyday for the last month…lol.
I’ll give it another look anyway. Maybe I missed something.
Thank you!

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Sorry again for not being much help here, was the only thing I could suggest but i have faith you’ll get it sorted out.

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Depending on how long the sequence is, you could potentially record it in as a live loop and then save that to a pad to handle like anything else. Might have to do it in chunks if its longer though

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Ok! I’ll try that. Didn’t thought about it. It is not too long, 8 bars at 82bpms. some seconds.

you need to solo the current midi track and bounce it in place. Whatever is coming in on the inputs will be recorded.


Thank you! That was precisely was I was looking for. Gonna give it a try later and repor!

Yessssss!! It worked…Thank you! Im such a newB :yum:

Don’t worry! It is really apreciated! Thx

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