Midi Track Importing

Hey yall
I was wondering if it is possible to take a preexisting midi track. Like a song in midi already and use the s2400 to play that track to another synth. Currently dont have a daw

I managed to get a copy of ableton and the midi track loaded onto the DAW. it plays to my key board but doesnt record into the s2400 not a single note. I can see the signal is being received by the s2400 because I can see it on the midi monitor. It just doesnt get picked up by the pad. I have all the checked boxes marked for incoming midi. This issue is happening with usb and midi connections. and I have a button selected for midi focus. Does anyone have any ideas?

Do you have midi focus enabled in the miditrack you want to record into?

Yes I do

So you see notes on midi channel 1 in the midi monitor? And you record on the same midi channel?

Do you hear the keyboard, does it get notes sent out through midi thru to the keyboard?

I dont see the pad light up or the tacks fill in on the step program or hear anything through the midi. I cant get anything to record unless I tap the pad and move the pitch up and down. I tried with usb in, usb host and midi with a key board. I tried with a Kordbot as well. no luck :frowning:

How about the settings in the sync menu? Have you checked the ‘notes in’ option for the specific midi input you are using (usb/din/host)?

I have them checked, yes. This is what is strange to me. I tried via usb midi and midi cable. I have sent it various ways from my key board and computer

I tested it and midi focus seems only to send out direct, not to record on that channel. If I send notes on channel 2 and set midi focus to 1, it still gets recorded on track 2 with midi channel 2 assigned.

So take another look inside the midi monitor and check the midi channel on the 3rd row (middle row). It should match the channel that has been set in the midi track you want to record on.