Recording midi into Isla

Hi all… Anyone been doing this successfully?

Running midi from ableton to Isla via USB B and capturing the midi?


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Do u mean, as in the S2400 being the slave and your DAW being the main sequencer. If so, yes but I use Cubase. It’s a bit fiddly because u have to change the setting for each pad etc…

So you’re able to send all the notes in the midi sequence to one track?
Or do you have to assign every note to an individual pad?

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Hope that helps!

Hi… I really don’t know as I only use ableton
I would think it should be pretty straightforward in terms of setting up the correct midi receive /send channels
Sorry I can’t be of more help

did you goto shift+pad and alter the track settings?

you need to tel the 2400 to listen to the usb B or host or the din etc - it isn’t hard as there are tickboxes for all features of in and out

you just need to be in the right pages of the machine

Reckon shift plus pad is what you are missing. Took me ages to realise that. Can anyone confirm if there is a downside to ticking all input/output options in these screens? Is it more for debugging connection issues?

well if you have all ins and outs ticked you are fine so long as you don’t start creating loops with other stuff like a daw - all mine are ticked as i often flip between din,B and host for tracks

yes for anyone - 1st thing i learned when i got it was shift+pad is 1st point of debugging if something acting odd