Having difficulty getting MIDI control over the S2400

Ok, so I’ve watched the video tutorial on it, but I feel like Alex sort of skips through the process rather quickly. I normally don’t have this much difficulty getting external sequencers or MIDI controllers to control gear, my TR-8S for example.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong? I’ll select a MIDI controller in Ableton and I can see MIDI going in via the MIDI monitor (thank jeebus for this feature) but cmon chanel select or note number seems to play back any sounds from the S2400?

Any help?

If I can figure this out I’ll happily make an in depth video tutorial myself but I need to know how to do it first lol


The key is in the MIDI Track Map (in Sync menu). There you can assign a MIDI Channel, playback mode to each Track. By default, the Tracks A1 - B8 are assigned to notes on Channel 10 from C5 upwards (iirc). But you can have each track on a different MIDI channel if you wish.

Also, make sure you have the correct options enabled for the MIDI Ports you’re using. For example, if you’re using USB MIDI from Ableton, enable Notes In, Velocity In and CC In under the USB B Jack menu in Sync.

The next update will have some pretty cool updates to MIDI stuff too.


Great! Thank you for that- I’ll dive back into it and see if I can’t get it working and report back. The MIDI flexibility is fantastic but it’s been a bit of a process trying to wrap my head around it :sweat_smile:

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