Layering sounds to new sample

Bit out of the loop with latest updates…just wondering if we can resample some layered sounds (eg an acoustic snare and electronic one) into 1 new sample and save on poly?

The quick answer is no. It may come in a future update.

I haven t searched for a workaround because I almost never layer drums but what about plugging cables from the mix out to the inputs and try to record the s2400 sound itself in live looper mode? Sorry just speaking without knowing if there is a chance to succeed. :ghost:

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No, impossible…

Resample with the looper, or the sample section is impossible for now


why couldn’t you do this via routing to outputs and back in with monitoring off?

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@j.m the sequencer is disabled when sampling is turned on. The looper/input monitor off should work though and I have done that to see if it was possible. But in all honestly I have a monitor out to the sample in of my 2400 which pretty much means I can sample anything I hear which is(for me anyway) what works best… Granted to sample a pattern I need to ping pong to a daw or wavelab, but I can do things like apply effects.


good data thanks man

i wonder if they will ever figure out the seq: running while sampling, if not no bother like but

this is the key to sampling internally to a new track in order to expand track count as we move pattern to pattern, i cross my fingers


If you punch a pad will it play the sound when in sampling mode ?

Just wondering if you can sample from an LP for example then save the sound to a pad and send it back out through hardware processing and back into the machine in sampling mode.

It does not.

Feature still not available…

In sample mode the S2400 doesn’t allow the user to manually trigger sounds at all from the pads or even play the sounds the run/stop button is deactivated.

In Live looper mode resampling doesn’t work either as a work around because when you switch to any of the pad banks to A-C Live loop it stops recording.


when can we re sample our patterns?

Seems like radio silence on this request…Have i missed anything in the past mentioned about it happening/possibility?

It is on the to-do list. It has been mentioned many times.


If we’re still talking about layering sounds a work around could be (possibly tedious) to “sample” in the live looper - and then save the loop as a wav file. You’d live loop record your sample source, overdub as many sounds as you’d like, then save that loop as a sample to chop up the layered sounds. The tedious part would be timing the recording of each sound so that they layer properly.

This is one of the only pitfalls I’ve found about the S2400. My ASR-10 could play back multiple sounds and resample, just like having an external recorder hooked up, but it was all internal.

Also, the ASR-10 was able to sample while the sequencer was running. I didn’t realize at the time how crucial this was. I’m hoping that one day the S2400 will be able to do this too as it’s IMO one of the most important aspects of a sampler other than the sound of the unit (which the S2400 has well covered).


Resample and a basic EQ would go hand in hand…Cant really layer stuff without an EQ

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For basic EQing are you aware of the on board filters on the S2400: High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass


Yeah i guess

so is this the ‘bounce pattern’ thats been mentioned?